• Product Details

    Product Details

Magee is a leader in the airline industry supplying sidewall panels, window assemblies, air grills, ceiling panels, cargo area panels, seat parts, magazine racks, literature pockets, schedule holders, lavatory and galley components, flight deck sun visors, flight deck interior panels, and entire cabin retrofit interior systems.


  • Reference Number: 411N1210-206
  • Magee Product Number: 121-11705-2
  • FAA STC: pdf STC ST01291NY 2007 DEC 6
  • PMA: pdf PMA040A06
  • Effective Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2017
  • Aircraft Type: B737/757

Magee produces new sidewall panels for the OEM, retrofit and after markets from advanced decorative laminated composite thermoplastics and thermoset materials that meet all regulatory and industry requirements. Magee Sidewall panels are designed with quality, reliability, durability and weight in mind.

Magee uses either vacuum bagging or crushed core Nomex honeycomb between layers of fiberglass phenolic pre-preg to create these products, which can contain any necessary inserts and hardware to aid in installation. The exposed surfaces may have a decorative scratch resistant Tedlar or PVDF covering with the customer required color, texture and pattern matched to the customer’s specifications.

With considerable experience and a recognized level of quality in manufacturing and supplying aircraft interior components to the world’s major airlines, Magee sidwalls meet or exceed the quality of those produced by OEMs.

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