• Product Details

    Product Details

Magee is a leader in the airline industry supplying sidewall panels, window assemblies, air grills, ceiling panels, cargo area panels, seat parts, magazine racks, literature pockets, schedule holders, lavatory and galley components, flight deck sun visors, flight deck interior panels, and entire cabin retrofit interior systems.


  • Reference Number: 411N1510-69
  • Magee Product Number: 123-11561-21 ( )
  • FAA STC: pdf STC ST03344NY 2015 NOV 17
  • PMA: pdf PMA068A02
  • Effective Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2017
  • Aircraft Type: B737/757

Magee leads the airline industry in the manufacture and supply of lower sidewall return air grills for most aircraft in service today. These components are produced using the most advanced materials available for injection molding pressure forming or vacuum forming, come in a wide variety of colors and are PMA certified. 

Magee air grills can be sold for use on an attrition basis, shipset replacement basis or in conjunction with new or refurbished lower sidewall panels. Durability, superior quality, and economy are essential components that these aesthetically sensitive, high-wear items provide.

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